Hello, I’m Timo Komulainen. Welcome to my homepage.

I was born quite far north of Finland. My childhood was somewhat ordinary, but in my teens I became a loner. However, this led me to write poetry, stories and create art of other media, which was cool.

Since then, I’ve been to the army, written a novel, taught guitar, done lots of YouTube videos, produced four albums of music, studied musicology in a university, married, divorced and, in the recent years, done plenty of psychedelics.

Yeah. I’m one of the founders of Psykedeelisen sivistyksen liitto ry (PSL), an association in support of discussion and greater understanding of psychedelics in the Finnish sphere. I’ve worked with the association ever since its beginning in 2018, taking different roles, organizing events and public speaking.

In the spring of 2024, PSL published the art book Psykedeelit ja luovuus kotimaisessa kuvataiteessa, which I co-edited with two other guys.

There, a few paragraphs to give you some idea of the fractal that goes by my name.