Ego Death

1. Alive, Asleep12:40
2. Lucid05:27
3. Rapport05:09
4. Cursed Ignorance05:14
5. Ego Death04:46
6. Abuse07:08
7. Global Matters09:25

Ego Death tells the story of awakening to terror and beauty of our world. It begins with the birth of a child and culminates in the death of a world. The seven tracks plot the story chronologically, which you can follow by reading the lyrics and descriptions on this page. The album features massives orchestrations, daring guitar solos, djenty riffs and rich vocal textures.


Alive, Asleep A person (male or female) is born and growns into an ordinary member of society. Although our protagonist has it all, the spouse, kids and the house, a plain life leaves him wanting more. His life is shattered when he is arrested for using cannabis (Mary Jane). Now imprisoned and abandoned by his family, he would give anything to have his old life back.

Lucid The protagonist realizes his society forces its values on its people and much of what they consider reality is but an illusion. He did not hurt anybody or do anything wrong. Now lucid, he sees through lies and deception; the truth that all are connected in both pleasure and pain.

Rapport Our hero finds his own community, gaining further insight into life. We thrive only in communion with other human beings. He realizes that there is no permanent death; only the body can die, whereas the spirit lives on forever.

Cursed Ignorance When our protagonist grows and becomes unique and radiant, people around him feel threatened. First, they ignore him, then comes the ridicule and verbal abuse, and finally the possibility of physical violence. Ignorance is beneficial to dictators and rulers of his world. But, a dream of godhood lives in each of us; the urge to fully embrace life with all its responsibility and freedom.

Ego Death As ignorance runs rampant, the path of truth and balance is walked by only a few. An out-of-balance ego with its pride, blindness and greed is keeping us from connecting with each other. No one can survive alone. This is the message our protagonist begins to spread with all his might, which eventually results in his demise. The ego-possessed rulers of his world have him killed.

Abuse The ignorant majority is exploited by a power-hungry minority. The very worldview the people are presented by their governments, schools and media is largely false. The rulers device a false-flag attack in order to terrorize their people. Now fearful, the ignorant are effortless to steer in support of a manufactured war.

Global Matters Manufactured wars, deception of entire populations and pollution of nature has brought human life on Earth to its end. Yet, Earth herself is going to be fine after she cleanses herself of us and our taint. We drown as one, like we lived none.


Timo Komulainen: concept, music, lyrics, orchestration, graphics, mixing, guitar, vocals
Kimmo Pitkänen: music, recording, MIXING, mastering, bass guitar
Harri Moilanen: music, guitar
Pauliina Renholm: vocals

Omniavatar was founded by Timo Komulainen in 2008, with the first album United Earth released in 2010. In 2015, Timo reformed the band with Kimmo Pitkänen, Harri Moilanen and Pauliina Renholm. Together, they set out to compose and produce a follow-up to United Earth. Ego Death, the product of two years of work, was published on 30th of December 2016.