Timo Komulainen and his guitar

“Ten streams, one album” live stream 22.5.2022

Join me on “Ten streams, one album”, a ten-part series, where I compose and produce a new album on stream. Yeah, you read me right – I’m going to create a new album live with you guys keeping me company! It’s going to be tough, but I think I can pull it off. I’m also thinking of playing some guitar here and there for the sake of variety.

The breakdown of the series is as follows:

01Concept, structure and instrumentation
02Motives and rough ideas for the tracks
03Sketched tracks
06Finalized tracks
09Mixing and mastering
10Cover art and final touches

The second episode will take place on Saturday 22st of May starting at 12:00 UTC +3. Here’s the link to the stream on YouTube. Hope to see you then!