Antediluvian Hunger

1. Slumber of a Million Years03:36
2. Antediluvian Hunger07:07
3. Concentration of Souls02:52
4. Fomulor Prime06:41
5. Arrival06:28
6. Contemplation02:33
7. The Art of Corruption05:40
8. Dimensional Science05:15
9. Sword of the Sun08:02
10. Aftermath03:31
11. Neo Aeon03:51

Antediluvian Hunger is my first album and was published under the name Viral. My goal was to compose, record and release an album; nothing more, nothing less. I was no stranger to writing fiction, so combining the two (fiction of words and sounds) was a natural course to take. Hence, I started by writing the story. I had almost no experience of mixing and mastering, and so the end result left much to be desired. Still, I am proud of the album.


Antediluvian – a war machine created by the Elder Gods – hibernates for millions of years within Earth´s crust (Slumber of a Million Years). The rest is interrupted by beings – the Fomulor – who are colonizing the planet. They excavate the antediluvian, mistaken it for an exceptionally beautiful statue and take it aboard a freighter, set to return to their homeworld Fomulor Prime.

The ship leaves Earth and all is well until “a deafening screech is heard”. The antediluvian has awaken and its hunger is immense (Antediluvian Hunger). It devours the souls of everyone aboard the ship, approximately a billion fomulor, and then meditates for the rest of the journey, concentrating the souls into one (Concentration of Souls).

Total chaos ensues upon its arrival at Fomulor Prime (Arrival). Contemplation follows – plans for the future of the planet are set. By The Art of Corruption the antediluvian becomes worshipped by the majority of the population, gaining more power. But there exists a strong resistance movement that devices a plan to destroy the “alien evil one” by utilizing Dimensional Science. This still leaves several chapters untouched before the story of Antediluvian Hunger has been told.


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